Sunday, September 26, 2010
Bali is a very unique tropical paradise. You will find many forms of fine arts in Bali. Bali’s abundant creativity is not restricted to carvings, paintings, textiles,TARI TOPENG: Mask Dance souvenirs, etc. The performing arts such as music, dance and puppetry are equally as rich. Balinese arts are can be divided into two major categories. The first is for TARI TOPENG: Mask Danceceremonial (religious) purposes and the second is for entertainment. However visitors do not have to wait to see Balinese dance, because many restaurants and hotels hold regular dance performances, and there are many arena or amphitheater specially built to hold dance performances for tourists. There are many kind of Balinese dance such as Kecak Dance, Legong Dance, Topeng Dance or Mask Dance, etc.

Topeng Tua is one of the famous Topeng Dance performances. Topeng Tua is a solo performer dons the mask of very old man, and though his physical movement portrays TARI TOPENG: Mask Dancethe thoughts, emotions, and feelings of the character. In other variants, a troupe may portray a number of different characters. The topeng dance are not commonly held for tourist, but are performed as part of other cultural (ritual) events such as religious ceremony, Bali Arts Festival and other special occasions. If you really want to see these unique dances don’t forget to ask your tour guide about a Balinese ceremony event in a village or in Balinese temple because Topeng dance is not performed for tourist. You may get lucky.

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